Simpu's guide

Simpu's guide


Welcome to Simpu! Whether you're considering signing up for a Simpu trial or already have, we're here to guide you through getting started.

What is Simpu?

Simpu is a collaborative tool, a shared inbox solution for teams. It is designed to streamline and consolidate your diverse communication channels into one centralized platform, such as emails, chats, and social media messages. By integrating these channels, Simpu facilitates seamless collaboration among team members.

With Simpu, your team can easily manage and respond to customer inquiries, delegate tasks, and track conversations within a single interface.

Set up your team environment.

When initiating a trial for your company, the initial user becomes the default Company Admin. As the Admin, they have the authority to configure shared inboxes, establish rules, and perform various administrative tasks. The Admin can also invite additional teammates to join and assist in managing the shared inboxes.

With the ability to grant access, Admins can choose to provide shared inbox privileges to all members or only a specific subset of teammates within the workspace. This allows for tailored access and ensures the right individuals have the necessary permissions to collaborate effectively.

Invite your teammates

Admins have the flexibility to invite teammates at any given time, and the presence of teammates is one of the key benefits of using Simpu. Here's a guide on how to add and manage teammates effectively:

Start collaborating

With your team settings configured and teammates on board with Simpu, you're all set to collaborate and work together seamlessly! Explore some of the most popular collaboration features available in Simpu:

Set up your personal environment.

Every teammate can add their personal channels to Simpu inboxes. Take full advantage of the wide range of settings available to optimize your personal productivity and streamline workflows:

Build workflows for the team and yourself.

Simpu offers various features designed to automate processes and create efficient workflows. Explore these popular features that can be utilized both at the team level and for your personal account:

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