How to use @mention in comments

How to use @mention in comments


When collaborating with your teammates on client emails or any other messages, make use of comments as a means of communication. By mentioning specific teammates using the @ symbol, you can seek assistance in addressing customer inquiries, addressing bugs, investigating issues, or performing other collaborative tasks. Comments serve as a valuable tool for seamless teamwork and effective coordination within Simpu. This enables you to engage in swift conversations with your team members, individually or collectively, all within a shared inbox. The discussions take place directly within the Simpu platform, providing a convenient space for efficient communication.

Mentioning a teammate

In the comments section of a conversation, you can easily mention specific teammates by using the @ symbol. When you mention someone in this way, they will receive a notification according to their individual preferences. This great feature ensures that your teammates are promptly notified and can actively engage in the discussion.

When you type the @ symbol, Simpu will show a list of your top 5 most frequently mentioned teammates. As you type their name, the suggestions list will dynamically update to show the closest matches. This feature helps you quickly choose the right teammate to mention in the conversation.

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