Add and use shared inboxes

Add and use shared inboxes


A shared inbox is a centralized hub for organizing and managing various conversations, and it provides the flexibility to categorize and sort discussions effectively. A shared inbox can include different channels like email, Whatsapp, or SMS, allowing messages from these sources to flow into one place. Alternatively, it can be an empty inbox with no specific channels defined.


Add a new shared inbox

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Simpu and into the settings tab.

Step 2

Click Inboxes in the left menu and Add a team inbox.

Step 3

Complete the following fields for your inbox:

Inbox name: Provide a name for the inbox displayed in your sidebar and menus.
Description (optional): You can enter an optional description to provide additional information about the inbox.
Color: Choose a color for the inbox that will be visible in your sidebar and menus.
Access: Select the teammates who should have access to the inbox.

Step 4

Click teammate access: Grant access to all teammates in the Inbox, making it a Public inbox.

Add a channel

Step 1

Click Channels in the left menu and Connect a channel.

Step 2

Choose a channel type.

Step 3

Follow the steps on the screen to configure the channel type you've chosen.

Step 4

Select the inbox to connect to your channel. All messages from your channel will route to this inbox by default.

Step 5

Click Save Changes

Navigate to your main inbox view to ensure it’s visible in your sidebar.


Can I add this inbox to my teammates' sidebars?

When you create a new shared inbox with restricted access, the inbox will be added to the sidebars of all selected teammates.

You can locate this configuration within the Settings subsection of the inbox settings. In that section, you have the option to choose individual teammates or use the "Select all" feature to include the inbox in the sidebars of all teammates.

This option is only available when first creating an inbox. For existing shared inboxes, you will not be able to add the inbox to other teammates' sidebars.

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