Understanding Your Email Campaign Status

Understanding Your Email Campaign Status

1. Simpu Processes Your Messages

When Simpu receives a message, it starts preparing it for delivery. This is the first step in the process. Every message you send through Simpu goes through this stage unless there's an issue.

2. Messages that Can't be Sent (Dropped)

Sometimes emails can't be delivered to recipients for various reasons. Simpu notifies you when this happens. It also tells you why the email couldn't be sent, like if it contains spam or if the recipient previously unsubscribed.

3. Messages that are Delayed (Deferred)

If an email can't be delivered immediately but hasn't been completely rejected, it's considered deferred. This is like a soft bounce. Simpu will keep trying to deliver the email for up to 72 hours. After that, it becomes a block.

4. Messages that Bounce (Bounced)

When a server refuses to deliver a message, Simpu considers it a bounce. Bounces often happen because of outdated or incorrect email addresses. This event helps you remove bounced addresses from your lists to avoid future bounces.

5. Messages that are Delivered (Delivered)

When the receiving server accepts an email, Simpu marks it as delivered. However, this doesn't guarantee that it will reach the recipient's inbox. The remaining four events give you more information about the fate of the delivered email.

6. Messages that are Opened (Opened)

When a recipient opens your email with images turned on, Simpu registers it as an open event. It uses an invisible image to track email opens. This is the only way to know if an email has been opened.

7. Messages that are Clicked (Clicked)

When a recipient clicks on a link in your email, it's a click event. This is the most engaging action you can get from your recipient, whether confirming an account or viewing a recommended product.

8. Reports of Spam (Spam)

If an Internet Service Provider (ISP) detects spam and reports it to Simpu, a spam event is triggered. This helps you react appropriately and avoid sending more emails to that address.

9. Unsubscribing (Unsubscribed)

When a recipient unsubscribes from your emails, it's an important event. Acting promptly and removing the email from your lists can prevent spam reports and improve your engagement rate in the long run.

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