SMS campaign exceptions

SMS campaign exceptions

These exceptions only apply to Sender IDs on Promotional Routes.

  1. Messages sent to numbers on the Do Not Disturb (DND) list will not be delivered.

  2. References to international organizations like WhatsApp and Facebook are not permitted on this route, as they are classified as international SMS. The network operator's firewall will block them upon detection.

  3. Messages with SenderIDs that include numeric characters cannot be delivered. To ensure successful delivery, SenderIDs should not contain any digits.

  4. Certain keywords like "win," "promo," "free," "Giveaway," "Code" and "Congratulations!!!" (along with similar terms), as well as political content (as notified earlier by the network operators), are prohibited. However, it is important to acknowledge that the operators possess the discretion to block any content or SenderIDs at their own discretion.

  5. SenderIDs used on transactional accounts cannot be used on the promotional account.

  6. The operator has an explicit rule for the promotional route – messages sent between 8 pm and 8 am won't be delivered due to NCC restrictions. Instead, they will be queued and sent out after 8 am the next day. This ensures compliance while prioritizing prompt delivery during permissible hours.

  7. To ensure proper delivery, SenderIDs on Airtel must be registered in advance. Meanwhile, messages to Airtel subscribers with unregistered SenderIDs might be sent with a default SenderID. It's important to note that operators have the authority to block certain content. Moreover, if inappropriate content is continuously sent on the route, the network operator may block the SenderID itself.

  8. Special characters such as emojis, symbols, and non-standard characters can add a fun and expressive touch to your text messages. Special characters are defined as any character outside the following: letters A-Z (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers 0-9, full stop, and comma punctuations. Anything outside this definition is likely to be identified as a special character depending on the network provider. And charges may vary.

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