Setting up email footer build for email campaigns on Simpu.

Setting up email footer build for email campaigns on Simpu.


The email footer on Simpu is a section that is appended to the bottom of an email, it displays copyright information, the year of the email, the company address, and the unsubscribe button.

How it works on Simpu

Step 1

On the settings page, click on the Company profile to set up your company profile as you want it to be displayed at the footer of your email campaigns. and save.

Step 2

Go ahead to create your email campaigns from scratch or choose an already existing template.

Step 3

Select and drag the footer icon at the right downside of your screen to your campaign page.

Step 4

Review the email campaign created and send

By using the email footer tool on Simpu, you can ensure that the footer information appears consistently in your outgoing emails, providing recipients with the necessary details. It saves time and ensures compliance with legal requirements and branding guidelines.

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