Response time (Avg)

Response time (Avg)

Response Time (Avg)


Measure the average customer response time, which indicates the duration customers have to wait before receiving a reply from your team.

For instance, Ensuring that all customers are aware of the company's commitment to respond to their inquiries within a timeframe of 2 business hours is of utmost importance.


This metric offers a customer-centric perspective, focusing on the time it takes for customers to receive a response to their inquiries or messages. By tracking this metric, you can assess the efficiency and promptness of your customer support, ensuring timely and satisfactory responses to customer queries.

Location & attribution


  • Main metrics cards

  • Changes over time graph

  • Replies chart- every answer is shown at the specific time it belongs to. 

  • Main metrics card

  • Teammate's performance table - We measure the time based on when the teammate sent the first response.

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