Ongoing conversations

Ongoing conversations

Ongoing conversation

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Ongoing conversation


These ongoing conversations are currently in progress and under the direct attention and responsibility of the assigned agent. They represent ongoing interactions where the agent is actively engaged in addressing the client's inquiries, providing assistance, or resolving any issues raised.


Conversations that are actively being handled by an agent are those that have been assigned to the agent and have received a response from them. Monitoring and managing these active conversations help ensure prompt and efficient customer support, allowing for timely resolutions and satisfactory outcomes.

Location & attribution

Overview report

Main metrics Cards.
Changes over time graph.

Team Performance report

  • Main Metrics cards

  • Team Performance table - Each message is attributed to the teammate who sent it when calculating the count.
    Tags report

  • Tag Details table - When determining the count, a message is considered to be associated with a specific tag if it is currently labeled with that tag.


Ongoing conversations include all ongoing interactions, regardless of whether they are generated solely by rules.

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