Navigating analytics

Navigating analytics


Simpu's Analytics offers a range of user-friendly and intuitive controls that maintain consistency across various reports. These controls empower you to effortlessly tailor each report to display the specific data you require. With the ability to create multiple versions or views of each report, you have the flexibility to customize and personalize each view according to your preferences.

Note: This function can only be accessed by an admin

How to access analytics.

To access the Analytics section, simply click on the Analytics icon located in the top left corner of Simpu. Please note that to view organization analytics, you must have the role of an Admin for the respective organization.

Reports list

The left panel of the Analytics section displays a comprehensive list of available report types:

1 Overview Report
2 Teammates report
3 Conversations report
4 Tags report
5 Customer Satisfaction report
6 Data Export

Report header features

Upon selecting a report type from the navigation panel on the left side, you will notice a consistent header format on the right side.

Report name

You will find the name of the specific report type in the left corner.

Progress bar and last updated

While the report is being loaded, you will observe a progress percentage next to the report name, gradually increasing until it reaches completion. Once fully loaded, the report will indicate when it was last refreshed with up-to-date data. Refreshing occurs automatically whenever you click on the report, select a new view or filter, and the elapsed time will be updated accordingly.

Date Range

Select the report desired from day, week, month, quarter, year, or a custom range. Please note that the availability of historical data may vary based on the limits defined in your plan.


Each view of a report offers various filter options, allowing you to customize the displayed information precisely according to your requirements.

The filter options are:

  • Organization (organization analytics only ): The filters exclusively include activities that occurred within the organization.

  • Teammates: The filters specifically pertain to actions attributed to the selected teammates. In most cases, this filter narrows down the data to instances where the teammate has taken specific actions.

  • Inboxes: The filters exclusively include activities that occurred within the selected inboxes. By default, the filter includes all shared inboxes.

    Report sections

    Several sections within the reports offer customization options, allowing you to display the specific metrics that are most relevant to you. Look for subsections in the report that have a gear icon located at the top right corner, as these can be personalized to showcase your preferred metrics within that particular subsection.

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