How to create and configure team inboxes

How to create and configure team inboxes


An Organization team inbox is a designated area for classifying and organizing conversations. It can encompass multiple channels like email, Whatsapp, and more. Access to the team inbox and its shared conversations and associated tags and rules is limited to teammates who have been added to the inbox.


To create a new Inbox

Step 1

Click on the settings icon at the bottom of your inbox section, please ensure that you are on the organization settings tab, and click on “Add inbox”.

Step 2

Fill out the name and description of your inbox, and click Create.

Step 3

Proceed to add a team or members of your organization to the inbox by ticking on the team or individual's name.

Step 4

Add your preferred communication channels to this inbox (i.e. WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail ).

Step 5

Proceed to configure the selected channel(s) by signing in and filling in the necessary information for the channel(s).

Step 6

Toggle on Create a report for this inbox to enable you to generate reports for this inbox.

Click on Continue to finalize your team inbox setup.

Step 7

You can take things further by creating special rules, canned responses, tags, and signatures for your newly created team inbox.

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