How to connect Messenger on Simpu

How to connect Messenger on Simpu


Enhance your communication experience by effortlessly connecting your Facebook Messenger account to Simpu. Streamline direct messaging in a professional manner without the need to switch between channels. Embrace the efficiency and integration capabilities of Simpu for seamless communication.


Step 1

Navigate to the Simpu inbox configurations and select the appropriate tab - organizational or personal - that aligns with your workspace or the desired inbox for adding channels. Provide the necessary information and click on "Sign in".

Step 2

Click on Add a Team inbox type the name you want to give the inbox and add a description if you want(optional).

Step 3

Grant access to team or organization members and save changes.

Step 4

Select Messenger as the preferred channel to be connected:

Step 5

When prompted, a window will open, asking you to connect to your Messenger account. Simply enter your login details and click the "Sign in" button.

Step 6

Messenger will be automatically connected then the next page will show the facebook profile of the account connected.

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