Customize your sidebar to show inboxes, team inboxes and tags

Customize your sidebar to show inboxes, team inboxes and tags


With Simpu, you can effortlessly personalize your sidebar to maximize efficiency. Tailor the display of inboxes, tags, and team inboxes to meet your unique needs. Prioritize the most relevant items, ensuring quick access and a seamless workflow. Conversely, effortlessly conceal any non-essential elements, decluttering your workspace and allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Simpu empowers you to shape your sidebar, creating a workspace that is both efficient and personalized.

Me section

The "Me" section in your sidebar comprises essential elements. It encompasses your Primary Inbox, sections for assigned messages, drafts, and mentions, as well as any individual or shared tags you choose to display. Keep everything organized and easily accessible in your "Me" section.


The central part of your sidebar in Simpu is dedicated to the main Inbox. It consists of various sub-sections such as Unassigned, Assigned, Mentions, Closed, Drafts, and Personal inboxes. These sub-sections offer vital functionality and cannot be removed from the sidebar. However, you have the flexibility to expand or collapse the main Inbox section according to your needs. For more detailed information about the main Inbox section, please refer to the provided article.


By opting to showcase a tag in your sidebar, it grants you seamless access to the conversations linked with that particular tag. With a mere click on a tag, a well-arranged display of conversations awaits, neatly categorized under tabs: Unassigned, Assigned, and Mentions. This meticulously organized structure ensures effortless navigation and swift identification of discussions that matter to you.

Team inbox

In your sidebar, you can customize which team inboxes are displayed, allowing you to prioritize the ones most relevant to your work. You can selectively show team inboxes to create a cleaner and more focused view. To access the contents of a specific inbox, select it from the sidebar. Alternatively, you can click "Team Inboxes" to see an aggregated list of conversations from all the shared inboxes you have chosen to display in your sidebar. This feature enables you to efficiently manage and navigate through conversations based on your preferences.

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