Customer satisfaction rating (CSAT)

Customer satisfaction rating (CSAT)


The ability to measure customer satisfaction with Simpu's CSAT feature is essential for running a profitable and customer-focused organization. Customers can score their experience on a five-star scale, and that rating will be reflected in Simpu's Analytics, enabling you to proactively enhance your service.

Note: you need to toggle on CSAT for your desired channels.

How it works

The CSAT features in Simpu are as follows:

  1. Set up your CSAT setting by toggling the CSAT rating for each channel you desire.

  2. When a conversation is resolved, a review link is automatically sent.

  3. Check your CSAT score and details in Analytics.

To toggle on CSAT for your desired channels

Step 1:

On your dashboard, click on the inbox setting

Step 2:

Click on inboxes

Step 3:

Open your inbox and select your desired channel, then click the edit icon on the right of the channel chosen.

Step 4:

Toggle on “Allow CSAT rating”

To view your conversation rating follow these steps;

Step 1:

On your inbox dashboard, click on Analytics

Step 2:

Scroll down and click on Customer Satisfaction

Step 3:

You can click on the teammate's name to view rating distribution, ratings, and CSAT comments.

Step 4:

Just beside ratings, you can click the eye icon to view conversation ratings


You can view CSAT graphs and data in Analytics:

  1. Customer satisfaction report

  2. Satisfaction score(avg) by teammate

  3. Overall satisfaction score (%)

Score attribution

Simpu's CSAT score will be attributed according to the teammate who resolves the conversation.

Monitor individual CSAT scores

Analytics - in the satisfaction score (avg) by teammates, you can check which teammate received the rating.


What does your customer see?

Once your customer chooses a star rating in your message, a new web page will appear displaying their selected rating. They will have the option to edit it and provide written feedback in a designated box. In case you communicate with your customer via SMS, where the CSAT rating image cannot be shown directly, they will receive a link to give their rating. By clicking on the link, they will be directed to the same web page to submit their rating.

The CSAT link can only be sent to the customer when a conversation has been resolved.

How do I know of new ratings?

When a customer has given a rating, it will be displayed in the CSAT analytics under the customer satisfaction report.

You can click on the teammate's name to get more details like rating distribution, and ratings.

You can click on view to see the conversation.

What channels support CSAT?

All channels on Simpu support CSAT.

  • WhatsApp

  • Instagram

  • Messenger

  • Webchat

  • Gmail

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Other email clients.

Can I delete or edit ratings?

You cannot delete or edit ratings on Simpu, however, you can toggle off CSAT ratings for your desired connected channels. learn more about how to toggle on/off CSAT rating for channels here.

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