Conversations report

Conversations report


The Conversation report offers valuable insights into the lifecycle of conversations within your inboxes. It enables you to track the statuses of conversations, monitor the number of handled conversations, and analyze the volume of messages across different inboxes.

By leveraging this report, you can comprehensively understand message flow during a specific time period and compare different inboxes.


To keep track of teammates performances Simpu provides you with filters which can be a powerful tool for evaluating teammates' individual performances. By applying specific filters to the data, you can isolate the performance of each team member and gain a more detailed understanding of their contribution to the team's overall productivity.


  • The conversation table contains all conversations selected using filters.

  • You can filter by selecting a specific date range, teammates, teams, channels, status, and inbox.

  • Use the chat bar to search by conversation ID.

List of metrics

First response time

To set up your Conversation reports follow this guide

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