Conversation ID and links

Conversation ID and links


Simpu's conversation ID typically refers to a unique identifier assigned to a conversation or interaction. The conversation ID helps organize and reference conversations for easier retrieval, analysis, and follow-up. It ensures that each conversation is uniquely identified and can be referred to when needed.

Conversation ID; The conversation ID is a unique alphanumeric identifier used to locate a specific conversation quickly. To assist our support team in investigating your query, kindly include the conversation ID when contacting us.

Conversation link: The conversation link is a URL that provides direct access to a specific conversation. It serves multiple purposes, such as facilitating internal collaboration by directing teammates to the relevant conversation or enabling you to maintain a personal record by including it in a comment.

Select a conversation, click the three dots at the top, and select Copy conversation ID or Copy conversation link.

Search by conversation ID

To open a conversation in Simpu, paste the conversation ID into the search bar. The search bar allows you to easily find conversations using their respective IDs. However, please note that searching by conversation link is not supported in the search bar.

For optimal results in locating the specific conversation you are looking for, it is advisable to search using the conversation ID directly. This approach will improve the accuracy of your search and assist you in finding the desired conversation with greater efficiency.

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